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Why Clear Bags Are Having A Moment

Clear bags and purses

If you're anywhere on Instagram you've seen and are very aware that clear bags are having a MO-MENT right now. Only a year ago were these now coveted bags only sported come fall and gamedays, but we should point out Party Girls...we knew first.  

Yes, you heard that right, we knew first. Not only were we one of the first companies to produce clear gameday bags two years ago when the "clear bag policy" was initially put into place, but we relaunched them again as a new style (hello Cooper Crossbody) this Spring knowing they would be not just a fall staple in your closet.

Clear bags in the market can go Ziplock looking real quick so we wanted to point out the three reasons why we believe these bags are having a major moment and why you need to get in on the clear bag trend now:

1) THE "rule". While it initially felt annoying when stadiums announced they'd be enforcing the Clear Bag Policy we decided to be glass half full kinda people and find a bright side. No, not making a super cute and functional bag, but thank you. We actually live for breezing past people in lines that failed to remember the "rule" or worse have to go back to their cars and dump their goods. While the rule can be annoying it's only getting more and more implemented across stadiums, schools, concerts and more so the quicker you hop on the clear bag bandwagon the better, beb.

2) They're all the rage from red carpets to Taylor Swift's Instagram are iterations of clear bags. Like we mentioned earlier, everyone from your favorite fashion blogger to Gigi Hadid is sharing a clear bag iteration. Even Chanel is making one! Are all of them stadium approved size and meet requirements? Maybe yes, some maybe no but we've checked prices and our's by far and away is the most affordable while not sacrificing cuteness at under $50 bucks.

3) It matches everything - literally. We might as well call our Cooper Crossbody bag the chameleon because she goes with any outfit. This bag can be made into any day or night look pending what kind of pouch or mini bag you put inside. Worried about being messy and using a clear bag for every day? No fear. That's what your pouch is for, Party Girl and we've got one that fits the bill.

In case you needed any more reasons to get in on the clear bag trend or furthermore were curious about the Clear Bag Policy and if it should matter to you consider yourself informed. Now excuse us as we clearly have a moment over our favorite bag of the year.

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