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5 Things To Do For Cinco


May is juuust around the corner this week (insert it's gonna be may gif) so we thought it'd only be appropriate to share the top five things we reco doing for Cinco De Mayo wherever you are! Any reason to party, right? Here's how to get to it below:

1) Perfect that guac recipe you swore you'd figure out how to make this year. Party trick? We say YES! Snag some avocados from your local grocer and try nailing down this recipe or this healthier one. Bonus points if you pick a fave fruit and add it into the mix. Spicey guac next, anyone?!

2) Throw a "cinco" themed party. No, literally. Go all out with the five theme and do a five-course mini meal tasting complete with five margs for a group of five of your closest girlfriends! We're girls who appreciate the details and know your closest girlfriends will too when you host em'. Bonus points if you add in these cutie (very on theme) coupes we make to serve one of the margs in. We love any recipe that'd be easy to make smaller from this site.

3) Do it for the candy. If you're crafty you'll love putting together a fun pinata like this one and filling it with all your fave candies. We've used this site too to create fun and unique shapes for our office and had a ball hitting them up for the goods! Insider tip: use this discount candy site to satisfy your sweet tooth on the cheap. 

4) Get serious about taking a siesta! No really, spoil yourself with a nap that includes all the fixings. Clean sheets, pillow spray (we're obsessed with this one), a silk eye mask, and your phone on "Do Not Disturb". We know you're working hard out there, beb so give yourself time to recharge and refuel yourself to keep the party going.

5) Shake it up two ways. This one's a no-brainer but get to shaking up margs in your favorite cocktail shaker and head to your local dance studio for a salsa lesson. Yes, you read that right, a private salsa lesson. Do it! What do you have to lose?! You'll be looser a margarita in plus you'll have a hundred laughs going with your significant other or all your gal pals.

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