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That Desk Though

Work can be the pits! Between the harsh lighting in most places, bad snacks (went there), and at times boring environment sometimes you just gotta find ways to spice it up. No, we're not suggesting you bust out in full dance mode at your desk, but we wouldn't judge you if you did. We're here today to suggest you make your desk a little bit more party. Feng shui the thing a bit if you will.
There are a few key steps in making your desk fun and functional whilst still having your coworker stop dead in her tracks and say "that desk though". Peep the how-to below. 
1. Get a party plant. Not like, a massive one, but just a little something in a cute pot to sit deskside. Why? If you're like us there's a 99% chance you're going to kill it, but PLANTS MAKE YOU LIVE LONGER! Yes, they really do  Might we recommend an air plant, succulent, or something small it's impossible to kill. Bonus points if you get a cute put and sprinkle a little confetti on it. Research out of Harvard did a study for eight years and found women who lived in the greenest surroundings had mortality rates a whopping 12 percent lower than those of women who lived in plant-less homes and areas. And these women not only had a longer life expectancy but better mental health, too! Kinda cool, right? 
2. Now that you have your plant (and life expectancy) going for you it's best you get a cute set of pens and desk accessories. Whether you're obsessed with color and confetti or just want something a little more fun happening at your desk this stapler we make that matches this tape dispenser and these pens is sure to brighten any setup. Display them proudly and watch the smiles roll in from randoms in the office and allies too. Don't be upset when you get copied - you can always up your game by custom monogramming any of these cuties or throwing your company logo as a vinyl sticker for bonus points with your boss.
3. Write it down! A good notebook is essential to of course productivity, but of course a cute one makes for not only a fun display on your desk but also a reason to keep it close with only your most important reminders and lists. Our Chase Those Dreams Notebook is one of our favorites and shows people you're one to get things d-o-n-e.
4. Spa day anyone? A ton of people at Packed Party HQ use diffusers like this Ona West Elm one on their desks to keep their cool. Originally our founder had one on her desk and a few of us would check in each day to see what essential oil she had put in it before finally acquiring some of our own! Not only do most of our desk feel like spas now, but also a great conversation starter with new peeps in the office too!
So that's it! A quickie list of ways to up your desk game and make that quiet accounting guy who's never spoken to you smile. Nothing life changing of course, but simple reminders to make your space one that feels like home to you while you work, beb! Happy (work) partying!

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