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Shake Things Up: Our Fave Spring Cocktail Recipe

cocktail shaker


With a Packed Party first-ever cocktail shaker in this Spring + Summer's Making Waves collection you know we had to pick and perfect a cocktail recipe to fill (literally) all the sunny days ahead. Being based in Austin our weather's too warm most of the year not to have a go-to drink to shake up when an impromptu party arises! See our fave and how-to below:



About + History: The RSVP ME is a simple drink, really. She derives from all the best things that make just enough magic on the palette and sunshiney days that much brighter. She stems from the great region of Le Bottom Of The Fridge and has traces of bar cart on her and berries as well. Shake, pour over ice and enjoy with a best beb on a patio


2 oz Botanist Gin
.5 oz blueberry liqueur
.5 oz fresh thyme cordial
.75 oz fresh blood orange juice
.5 oz ginger-mint syrup
A handful of blueberries (bonus points if they're fresh!)

Approx 4-5 cubes of iced...crushed if you wanna get fancy!
Club soda


Pretty simple here! Stick all listed ingredients above into our ice-filled Making Waves Cocktail Shaker. Shake, shake, SHAKE! Strain into your fave glass. Might we reco our Making Waves Coupes to match? Oh, and top with a little club soda and garnish with wild mint leaves. 


CHEERS! Use the code SHAKEIT when you purchase a shaker and get 15% off.


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