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Easter Basket Stuffing Tips


Easter is just around the corner this Sunday and everyone’s minds are on all things spring (or chocolate…pending who you are)! We’re what you’d call a mix of both stocking our office full of fresh blooms, pastel candies, and a new tradition we started this year…HQ Easter Baskets! Any reason to gift and get a little crafty, right!?

We can’t say we came up with the idea on our own though. We’ve had so many of you emailing us asking if any of our products could be used inside an Easter Basket, so we thought we’d let you know our top picks to make your baskets serious bunny bait! Oh, and make all your friends jealous too. We realize our packages don’t come with handles (wouldn’t that be cool!?), so we’ve come up with a few fun Easter Basket stuffers below for all your favorite bunnies. Note, we strongly advise against any lame candy in eggs.

THE (Best Ever) Easter Basket Gifts To Get:

1. Our Disco Drink. Hello, it closes and can totally serve as it’s own egg if you put tons of your honey bunny’s favorite candy inside it. For an extra touch, add your own hang-tag to the cup on the string we provide that says “Hop To The Disco”.

2. A Studly Set of earrings! Everyone likes compliments, so what better day to throw a little love someone’s way with this bright and springy set of three 24K gold-dipped earrings in brilliant little shapes like bikes, pretzels (yum), and cursive “meow” studs. These come wrapped inside a mini Packed Party package so it’s fun to throw inside a basket or set them out on their own outside the basket to make it look a little more full…more IS totally more after all.

3. The Doorstep Necklace. Hello, sentimental! Since so many people spend Easter with their families this is a fun piece to gift anyone in your inner circle. Engrave the necklace with a simple word like “LOVE”, whatever doorstep you call home or even a nickname. Every basket deserves to sparkle a little and this piece will do just the trick. Keep it inside the navy mini Packed Party package we ship it in or take it out and put it inside an egg with a little stuffing. Great things can totally come in small packages with this item.

4. You Pampered Thing, You package. Holidays are kind of exhausting let’s be real. Whether you’re super into Easter or not no one can argue the fact it lands on a Sunday and Sunday’s are totally for relaxing! This package has all the essentials to treat yourself to a perfect spa day or night. Picture it, a pink bath, deep root conditioner in your hair, mint tea in hand – what could possibly be better!?

Use any of these items to make a basket seriously party or combine all of em’ for the ultimate Party Girl! Easter should be anything but lame, so while you’re stuffing your face with deviled eggs and ham make sure you party a little with one or all these tips! 

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