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Mother's Day Done Right


Mother’s Day is RIGHT around the corner! Sunday, May 8th in case you wanted to remind your mom she had a special something coming her way. Speaking of that special something we realize not everyone’s as ehm, as “gift oriented” as us, so assuming you’ve now told her she has a special something coming her way (duh, you told her before your siblings even if you have nothing planned) you should probably follow through with a gift you know she’ll love. Let’s be real though, you’re here to read about how we can make you the favorite child again this year for Mother’s Day! We’ve got the perfect something*s* she’s gonna LOVE. 

Is your mom the “fun mom”? You know, the one super into you and your social life? We can appreciate her for being in the know! Since she is, you know, in the “know” she’s totally eyed your Disco Drink you and all your bebs have been taking around town and we’ll just say it for her – she Let the lady live a little! She was way closer to the disco era than you’ll ever get, so the least you can give her is a Disco Drink to sip out of! Oh and don’t worry, we’ll add a custom note for you saying how much you love her and how much you know she totally needed a little more party in her life. 

For the “quiet mom”. She loves you, she’s always there, but she hangs in the back and gives you your space. She always claims she doesn’t “neeeed” anything, but be real. This woman literally gave you life! Let’s treat her to some her-time shall we? You’ve done the candle and card for the last five years and it’s time to throw in the towel. Just because she’s quiet doesn’t mean she’s not fun! This lady needs some serious pampering and our gift boxes will do just the trick. It’s our You Pampered Thing, You package on steroids with a small batch (seriously good) chocolate bar telling her how amazing she is. Who doesn’t want to eat chocolate and pamper? Yeah. Treat her! Did we mention pre-sale on this item goes live TODAY and quantities are limited? Hurry.

For the “sentimental mom”. You know, the one who looks at you while you’re eating breakfast and smiles to remind you about how you used to foam at the mouth eating the same cereal only 20 years ago at the same table. Yeah, that one. She’s the first to pull out the photo album, remind everyone of a memory, or tell you your boyfriend reminds her of your father. Let her emotions flow like red wine, party girl. In fact, let’s enable her this year for Mother’s Day with a Doorstep Necklace. Cue all the tears. Treat your sweet mom to memory lane with a hand-engraved Doorstep Necklace from us. We’ll engrave it with your dad and her first place together, the house your family grew up in, your siblings (maybe just your) initials, whatever you want – we’ll do it. This is always a crowd pleaser. Did we mention it comes wrapped already when it arrives? Don’t forget the custom note too we can add for a grand finale of feels.

Does your leading lady not quite fit into any of these categories!? Not to fear! We couldn’t cover ALL the different types of mom’s out there, but them not fitting into one box is makes them so special, right? Treating your mom to any of the above is a great way to show you care. Gifts make people feel special, and parties make people happy so combine them both with us this year!

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