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Spring Cleaning



Spring’s finally here in San Francisco! Hope we’re not speaking too soon... The sun’s out, the fog is seemingly not raining on our parade, and all the flowers are in full bloom! People are slowly starting to come out of hibernation mode too! It’s so fun seeing everyone out and about again around the city.

Unsure if you saw, but we moved into a brand new office a few months ago! In just two years now we’ve had to move twice as we’ve continued to grow (and accumulate a ton of random props that take up space) which is crazy to think about. We tend to have a ton of fun here between the confetti flying and music playing it always seems to be a lot of action happening around our headquarters. This is why it was a bit nerve-wracking when we moved into our new space with a massive store-front type window for people to get a peek inside our crazy world! When we first moved in it was terrible weather outside so not many people were drawn in by the disco balls or random girls running around inside, but now that spring is here it’s been a whole different ball game!

With temps warming up and the sunshine in full-force we’ve recently had a ton of Party Girls try and swing by our office and while we love meeting so many of you…we’ve been slightly embarrassed at the shape our office is in! We all recently sat down to divvy up sections of the office to clean and dubbed it our massive Spring Cleaning Party. Of course we added the word party to “spring cleaning” because it’s a terribly intimidating phrase on its own. We teamed up with the party peeps over at method, the guru’s of all things colorful and fresh-smelling (hello, all-purpose cleaner) to get the job done. We’re telling you guys, we took this Spring Cleaning thing to a new level.

Spring Cleaning can be so daunting to think about when you boil it down - what to throw away, what to keep, the amount of cleaning that needs to happen. What we found though while we were cleaning out was that we were reminded of so many fun memories. What started as a dreaded Saturday coming into the office turned into the most colorful and best-smelling memory filled day. Does that sound silly? Laugh away, our Spring Cleaning is done and the best part, it was actually fun. A lot of fun!

Here are our tips for turning Spring Cleaning fun:

1) Create a killer playlist to get you motivated! Might we recommend our Confetti Filled Beats playlist on our Spotify channel? Kind of amazing.

2) Make a to-do list of areas you want to de-clutter in your life so you can stay focused on one thing at a time! This will keep you from being overwhelmed.

3) Come up with a fun reward if you accomplish your Spring Cleaning. A spa night at home? A big girl’s night with ample margs? Whatever you fancy beb. Just make a plan to treat yourself – you’ll definitely have earned it! 


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