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Guide to the Best Austin Bachelorette


Being the queens of all things fun and party we're no strangers to the question of "WHAT do my friends and I do for a bachelorette party in your city?". Alas, we're here and fully loaded with answers for all your Austin, TX bachelorette questions. Oh, and a few little party product additions to with a few secret bulk codes just. for. you! Here's how to throw the best Bachelorette in Austin and where you gotta go, Party Girl:

Stay: Alright, so we get a ton of questions about where to stay and the answer depends on your budget (womp womp). If you're looking to spend on the higher end we recommend Hotel San Jose or Hotel Saint Cecilia on South Congress. Also, a bit of a cheaper more retro option in the same location is Austin Motel. Bonus points that this spot is attached to one of our favorite restaurants in town we'll cover below! If you're looking for less of a boutique hotel and more of an Airbnb type experience The Miriam downtown is one of our very favorites and not only is huge but also comes with your own private pool too. Did we mention we use this location regularly for photos because it's so cute + cool? If your bach party is a little smaller there are other Airbnb options near downtown we'd feel comfortable recommending like this one and this one.

Eat: Being that Austin is such a food city this is our favorite (and most difficult) part of this list! We decided to split it into twos since most of you are only here for a weekend and give our top two spots for all three categories - breakfast, lunch, drinks, and dinner. Disclaimer these are spots that are group friendly with a reservation so please keep that in mind when reading our faves.

First up, breakfast! When thinking of where we'd want our own bachelorette brunch a few things come to mind. This place must be boozy, easy and friendly seating, and have some killer breakfast items. Being that we're both toast and biscuit fans Irene's is at the top of our list. Grab a coffee, mimosa, one of their many toast or breakfast biscuit sandys here. Another breakfast favorite for a group is El Alma. Not only does this place have an awesome rooftop patio and atmosphere, but it also has an awesomebrunch and a price friendly for a big group! Try the avocado and fried egg torta and you won't be sorry.

Alright, now we have lunch on deck. Equally difficult to pick two, but if you're twisting our arms we're sending you for BBQ and or to one of our favorite patio spots for drinks, sandwiches and burgers. When it comes to BBQ and bachelorettes there's a 99% chance you're here from out of town so you want the best BBQ in town. There are a ton of places of course in Austin to grab BBQ all claiming to be "the best" and most are good, don't get us wrong, but if you want "the best" plus the large seating format and not waiting for an hour plus we definitely would say Black's BBQ. It's an easy line to work through, they chop the meat right there in front of you, they have Texas beers which is cool, and it's delicious so a win in our book. If you're looking for more of a let's hang here for a few hours and grab burgers, sandwiches, and snacks we'd recommend Shady Grove and getting a big table outside. Their burgers are not only ah-mazing, but they also have a drink called a Shady Thing that'll put you and all your girl's in full bach mode. 


Dinner really depends on the vibe so we're giving a few more options here. If you're looking for the same laid back vibe we gave for lunch we'd recommend JoAnn's on South Congress. It's not only got our favorite marg in town, but it's pretty casual and a really cool vibe. Definitely make a reservation here. If you're looking for something a little more upscale and want some of Austin's best mexican food we'd recommend ATX Cocina or La Condesa. Both too will require reservations ahead of time for your large group and ATX Cocina is a bit pricier than La Condesa, but both great for a group none the less and coming from out of town everyone can get their Mexican food fix! Last place we'd recommend is Ranch 616. Also, somewhat Mexican food, but more "Texas-style" food than anything and a ton of fun. Expect other bachelor and bachelorette parties here. Pro tip, order Ranch Waters for the table when you sit or have them ready when you all arrive and definitely let your waitress know you'd like "the banana" to come after your meal for the bride. Thank us later for the laugh!

Do: Depending on what your best bebs are into these two options should check the box for active and or drinking heavy. If your bachelorette is happening during the warmer months we'd definitely recommend getting out on Lake Austin and renting a boat. This is super easy to do through a company like this one. If you're not looking to spend the whole day on the water definitely head to Texas Rowing Center and snag a few kayaks or standup paddle boards for your crew. If you're looking for something strictly booze friendly we'd recommend heading to Rainey St. for the day to bar hop or heading to Wine Country (Texas style) and renting a shuttle for the day. 

So that's it! An easy way to stay, eat, and play in Austin for your bachelorette! Being that we're local here in Austin it's easy for us to drop off these Bridesbabes headbandsor our bridal sash sets to your hotel or airbnb so you're not having to pack them with you (we know you have major shoes to pack!). Just order on our site using the code BACHATX and get 15% off your order and email us at if you'd like it delivered for a small delivery fee from our team. Easy enough, right? We're confident these suggestions will get you and your brides babe crew pointed in the right direction planning on the most epic weekend ever. Happy bachelorette-ing, bebs!


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