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How-To Throw The Best (Easy) Brunch

Brunch Layout


Brunch is a food group we very much are behind and believe in here. The mix of salt, sweet, and timing of it all make for something magical we can all agree. With Spring in full swing and Easter around the corner what better time than to discuss just exactly how-to throw the best brunch. Whether it's for a graduation, girlfriends, or just because these essentials below will leave anyone thinking you're the greatest host like, ever.


The first step to throwing a great brunch? Set the dang scene. Is this thing a seated brunch? More casual buffet style? Answering this question will allow you to pick the room you're hosting in and how you're serving everything from sips to bites. Do we need napkin rings are we going full paper plates and cups up in here? We recommend keeping it clean and simple with the dishes you have and dressing it up with fun paper napkins (pick a color scheme) and serving arrival mimosas out of these Cham-Party Coupes we make. Yeah, we know, they're pretty cute and no fuss when you're cleaning up. True story: these sold out the first day we made em' and just came back in stock so you know they're cute.


As for food, we suggest a mix of savory and sweet! Seems simple enough, but pick two mains like waffles (waffle bar anyone?) or some kind of egg casserole that's easy to whip up. Sides should be easy and super colorful with a fun fruit salad or light salad like this one with a fruity based vinaigrette. Can't forget a meat option either - according to Thrillist bacon, yes just regular bacon is the top-ranked breakfast meat so keep it simple and include it, beb.


Last up in hosting the perfect brunch? A parting gift, duh. You think we were going to tell you to host a party with no gifts? Not a chance. If you're a crafty person take our matches and include them with a fun spring scented candle and cello-bag it with some ribbon and a "thank you" note. If you're looking to spend your time on the above instead and less on the gift opt for one of our Making Waves Totes and include your own note about how you're so "tote-ally" glad said friend could make it and thank them a brunch. Easy enough?


If and when you get to hosting with our goods make sure you take us so we can share on our social pages, Party Girls! Happy brunching!

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