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I Want To Marry A Nerd

Watching the Bachelorette last night (for the first time since the beginning mind you) something occurred to me. I sat there listening to the final two men speak to Andi, this season’s bachelorette, and it was so clear where her heart lay. Yep, the bad-boy. Yeah, you know exactly which guy I am talking about if you’re watching the show. If you’re not, not to worry, you can keep reading because this is hardly a re-cap. What I realized was that I wanted to marry a nerd.

Our girl, Andi, like most women, has her heart set on the bad-boy “ex- athlete” (what does that even mean as a job title), er, dare I say bone-head? Anyway, she’s into the guy, yet keeps saying it’s almost like there’s something about him he’s not showing. Girlfriend, that’d be your GUT. Hey, I can’t blame her for getting a bit caught up in this mans looks and smooth talking some. Haven’t we all pined for this guy at some point in our lives. He’s that “untouchable one”. The guy all the women flock to because of his looks (I almost typed locks here). Yes, the ones with good hair so happen to catch our eyes when we’re feeling our most shallow too. I know this guy well because I once dated him. Not only did I just casually date him though, I found a way to convince myself I actually loved the boring surface man. We of course had some great times together, he wasn’t so bad on the eyes, and all of my friends seemed to be envious, but I felt hollow when I was with him, and extremely insecure. Funny, because he too was an “athlete”.

It seems Andi and I are both suckers. Well, her present, me past, but hey, we all come full-circle at some point, right? I’m not here to say all athletes are bad guys, not at all. What I’m saying is you don’t date someone for their title or their looks. Yep, I went to college and learned that. Thanks for the degree, dad! Kidding. But, really, if you want to find true love, the one you find after you already love yourself, you need to hit up the wallflowers, girl. It’s true. There’s a large box of men titled “un-wanted toys” for some shallow reason or another sitting in the back of your mind. Maybe the guys been friend-zoned, or maybe you’re just not attracted to him in “that way”, one of my old favorite sayings, but I guarantee you he has more character and integrity than any one of the “A-Team” guys you always seem to fall for. Trust me, after twisting my arm trying my hand at seeing a few self-proclaimed “dorks”, I have a list of new restaurants I’ve tried, and sights I’ve seen simply because he, “thought I might like to try it.” See the key word in there is thought. There was an actual thought that went through this man’s head that wasn’t about himself, but instead completely about me.

Do what you want, it’s your life and whoever makes you truly happy is up to you. But don’t say I didn’t tell you so when you’re missing your hair gel and watching football again on t.v.

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