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Let's Lunch

Can we be totally honest for a minute? Packing a lunch kind of sucks. It does! Phew. Glaaad we got that off our chests. Something about throwing together a sandwich at 7 am isn't as glamorous as bringing last-night's leftovers in or hey, ordering that $12.00 salad straight to your desk. It can be a lot of pressure throwing together a lunch some days when you just, quite honestly, don't feel like having to do one more thing.

We were talking about the daunting-ness of packing a lunch (surprise) while we were eating as a team this week and all noticed we had packed our lunches in our, wait for it, drum roll please, Confetti Lunchboxes! No, this isn't a shameless plug, this cutie sells itself, let's be real. It's an honest truth that we've noticed we all individually have packed our lunches more having been using a cute lunchbox that's enticed us to make it a part of the routine. Not only has our lunchbox made us all actually want to bring it to work (yes, it's totally an accessory) it's made us up our lunch games in our own ways. Here are a few crazy, easy packed lunch ideas from our team we're bringing inside our Confetti Lunchboxes:

Operations: These are the Party Girls here who like a process. An efficient one, but a process none the less so their lunches aren't any different. Their easy go-to? A Harissa Chicken Bowl. Throw a chicken breast in an instant pot with a jar of harissa, shred, add your favorite veggies (they do sliced cucumbers) then add a dollop of greek yogurt, chickpeas, and throw in some tupperware for an easy Greek vibe.

Sales: These bebs are on-the-go and usually eat their lunches while they work, so they all responded that they do a lot of heavy healthy (and not so healthy) snacking! With a mix of fruits, veggies, meats, dips, and duh, cheeses, these bebs might as well have cheese boards at their desks.

Marketing: Our marketing and PR peeps here are all about the details so you know their lunches are too. These bebs are all about the bowls filled with the little things. Our fave? The garlic lemon shrimp quinoa bowl with black beans, corn, bell peppers, avocado, and topped with some french dressing! Sounds kinda delish, right? Did we mention they have cute tupperware too? Le sigh.

Creative: The creative team here works late and is up early so they weirdly eat a lot of apples and you guessed it, a lotta coffee. No, we're not kidding on the apples. We joke about their team always having apples on their desks because they're working on the fly and need something energy packed.

Interns: Oh to be young. Our interns are very much a part of our team here at Packed Party! These bebs are packin' the good stuff you totally used to eat in college...easy mac, cookies, random fruit snacks, and all the other sugary goodness you buy at the store and eat around midnight while you binge watch a Bravo show. Only, like, they can eat it still at midnight and not see it the next day.

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