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Mother's Day For Every Kinda Mama

Happy May, Party Girls! It's been a minute since we connected with you here on our blog. How ya been? Things here have been, well, slightly crazy. If you keep up with us on social media you've seen some of the day to day hustle and exciting growth that's been happening here! We have nearly 40+ new ways to make your life a party with our gifts. Kinda crazy, right?

To think we only had our party packages available a short four and a half years ago, sheesh. Don't worry! We know all you die-hard Packed Party OG's are serious about us not getting rid of these and we're here to assure you, get rid of them we are not!

If you remember last year this time we sold out of our Mother's Day package we rolled out in less than a week! Crazy. This year with some serious planning and heavy lifting from our team we created THREE brand new products specific to celebrating all the mama's out there for the big day aka Mother's Day *cough* May 13th. Might we recommend making your main beb breakfast and delivering any of our new products. All three are probably the best way to go if you're looking for the "favorite child" award, but we broke it down by different types of mama's below and suggestions we have because we know no two moms are the same from loud to quiet, spa loving to the always busy, green-thumb and everything in between check out where your mom fits below and what gift to give her:

The FUN Mom: This is the mom who's not afraid to tell you She's probably best friends with her daughter and let's be real, all her friends too. She's in the know and considers herself very hip. What? She is. Get this mama our Momtail for a fun laugh and easy gift. This acrylic cocktail shaker has everything a fun and busy mom needs to survive (and relax in between all the madness too). Find things inside this shaker like pink earbuds, cocktail stirrers, party straws, a shower cap, toe separators.

The Spa Lovin' Mom: Alright spa-day loving moms! A day out is fun and all, but what if she could do it at home (for under a hundred bucks)? For the moms who need a good chill pill might we recommend our Biggie and Mini Cosmetic Zips, our You Pampered Thing, You party package, or hey, you could still do our Momtail we recommended and add your own little gifts to the cocktail shaker. Think things like her fave nail polish, a gift card, or even dressing up the cocktail shaker with a fun vinyl sticker that had her initials.

The Plant Lover: We know she loves a nice bouquet of flowers or spending hours outside gettin' after that flower bed, but has she met a Party Plant? Yeah. Didn't think so. Our Disco Party Planter with a (yes, it's not real) succulent she doesn't have to worry about watering is such a fun gift to give your mom this year. How fun would it look on her desk? On that fun shelf? Bar Cart? She's gonna love it. Bonus points if you add a fun note that says something around the "You always grow the distance! Love you mom". K, we're crying. Bye.

The Tech Mama: We know she has the latest iPhone, computer, or any gidget and gadget she can get her hands on but has your mom met our Disco Fever Phone Charger or new silicone Keyboard Covers in confetti and custom "Just My Type" words? Didn't think so. A true tech mama will love the fact this phone charger gives up to two full charges when she's running around like a mad woman. Can we talk about how our keyboard covers not only look as cute as she is, but they also protect, yes, majorly protect her keys from those little Skittle fingers that might decide they want to do some show watching on her laptop. Yeah. Treat this Tech Mama to the best this year with these three Mother's Day gift ideas.

The Entertaining Mom: This mom loves herself a good gathering. Whether it's a garage sale turned neighborhood gathering in the kitchen or planned soiree this mom always keeps a bottle of wine ready for her guest. The entertaining mom totally needs our Wine Eyed Drink Markers for Mother's Day this year. Might we also suggest our Roller-Skate Drink Sleeves for the throw back mamas out there. We know she wants to make sure everyone's having a good time and has a drink in their hand but these two gifts will make things next.level.

The Busy Mom: We all know her, well, if we can spend more than 10 minutes with her when she's being pulled in a hundred directions. This mom is a pro scheduler and always seems to stay so BUSY. How she does it all we'll never really know, but we can assume it's because she's gonna have a Mom Hustle Notepad from you keeping all her lists organized and our Mom Hustle Weekly Whiteboard. These two matching desk accessories are perfect Mother's Day gifts for any expert hustling mom.

Let's hope these suggestions point you in the right direction, Party Girl! There's no sense in not treating your leading lady to the absolute best come May 13th so get to shopping now.

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