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Magic Behind Color

We pretty much consider ourselves color lovers here. You might be too if you keep up with us on social media! Since we started in 2013 we've constantly been inspired by the colorful doors in San Francisco to now the street art in Austin, TX where our team calls home!

Color is a huge part of all of the products we design and dominates most conversations here in our office. No really, we totally ask people who start at Packed Party what color best describes them and why. It's always so interesting what people say so we did a little homework mixed with our own conversations here at HQ and made this fun color list. See where your eyes go first or try and rank your favorites and see if they fit your personality! They might surprise you like they did some of us here. Just a fun, little something before the weekend, Party Girls. Enjoy and go find the party wherever you are this weekend. Oh, and let's hope there's a little color too.

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