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Mistakes Turned Milestones

About a year ago I was ready to be out of the Disco Drink business. I was over the product and felt like we had sold in everywhere we could sell. I was ready for something new to stare back at me from my desk. Of course, if you know me I’m fairly obsessed with disco balls so the idea of being tired of them was crazy. They’re everywhere from my bedroom to our office after all.

While I was somewhat tired of them, I had no idea that they were about to really explode. When I say explode, I mean it. As the owner of a business sometimes we’re so focused on what is directly in front of us it’s hard to see the big picture. The idea that we could still reinvent the product or mass market it to larger retailers. It all, honestly, seemed a little exhausting that day thinking back on it. I just wanted to snap my fingers and have something new in front of me. It never occurred to me we’d push forward with new colors.

New colors of course didn’t totally solve my need for something “new” so to speak, but it did wake me up and quickly. We rolled out gold Disco Drinks this past holiday season and sold out in less than two weeks! Did gold disco balls even exists? I was still unsure (wanted one!), but had created a new market for them with these limited time Disco Drinks. If you can believe it, it took us over 9 tries to get the exact gold we wanted. No joke. You would have thought we were fighting a war over getting the perfect “gold” color. A few sleepless nights, video chats, and wrong products later these were perfect though. Focus on the wrong products piece I just mentioned. My interpretation of gold and your's may be very different, but never did I think we’d get rose gold from the mistakes. I looked at it for a long time, still feeling somewhat exhausted about the idea of rolling out another Disco Drink but we couldn’t make our signature silver quick enough and people were begging us to make gold again.

As a small business, still in it’s early stages, you have to make decisions (some very wrong, some very right) about who you are as a brand, when you need to let a product go, or when it’s really just getting started. On a whim I brought the mistake rose gold Disco Drink to the gift show in Atlanta this past January and watched people all over again as though it was their first time to see the product. The same item I knew was a mistake, and one I was semi “over” just begging me to give it a second chance and understand this was just the beginning. I love disco balls. I really really do. Just because I personally hit a lull being tired of talking about one didn’t necessarily mean the product was dead. It seems silly, but the mistake was a milestone for me personally because I realized as we grow I have to look outside myself. This company is so much more than me, my opinions, or what I always “like”. We are still so young and it’s only just the beginning for Packed Party, this product specifically, and all the other new we’re rolling out this spring. I have worked harder than I ever thought possible for potentially nothing in return at times to see the “mistakes” in my eyes get picked up by retailers both big and small, customers picky and not. I needed to stop being so hard on myself and put my mistakes out there because sometimes, just sometimes, they’d be milestones for me and this company.

I hope you enjoy our brand new ROSE GOLD, and back-by popular demand gold Disco Drinks on Monday 4/3 as much as we enjoyed making them and learning about who we are as a brand, what we stand for, and where we’re going. We kept saying throughout the design process our style was perfectly imperfect and it’s fitting for who we are. We don’t pretend to have it all together, but we’re going to give 100% to whatever it is we’re doing and stand behind it.

Thank you as always for growing with us here and walking side by side with me into this next chapter that is Packed Party. We have a TON planned for you from office supplies to paper and gifts too, so stick around because it’s going to be a fun ride.



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