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The History of Confetti at Packed Party

Let's talk confetti, shall we? You know the thing that's become sort of the pinnacle, if you will, of our brand. If you're new around here you may be wondering where the confetti came from that's in so much of our products? Why do we use it? What does it really represent and how do we come up with our mixes?

You see, Packed Party and confetti go way back. Picture this: it's 2013, our Founder Jordan has just started Packed Party out of her San Francisco apartment, there's four products on our mini but mighty website and she's wearing all the hats as a one woman show. Customer service calls, sales, social media, she's doing it all. Focus though with me for a sec on the social media piece. Every time Jordan would post one of the packages with paper or tissue confetti around it she noticed more people were interested in the photo, commenting or just simply asking where to buy the confetti she was using.

LIGHTBULB MOMENT! Why not create our own confetti and build it into our products? Jordan looked around and no one was doing this in the market. Even better? This concept allowed people to "carry a little confetti" with them wherever they went. How fun is that?! Packed Party was built on the foundation of making everyday a party through the good or bad with its packages, but inserting confetti into the mix was a whole new ballgame.

I should mention this didn't happen overnight. Packed Party was a themed 'Party for One' package company for a few years before it blossomed into the lifestyle brand it is today with all kinds of products (most of which include confetti!)! The first-ever confetti product we introduced on our site was our Everything Pouch, a vinyl pouch packed with our first ever confetti mix we called "the signature" mix. Ring any bells if you've been following us on Instagram or Facebook for a minute? This pouch was the first of its kind and created what's today hundreds of different types of confetti products you'll find all over our site and in retailers around the world.

Why did we run with the confetti concept from one little pouch you ask? Well, for one, it worked. When I say it worked I mean it really really took off, we couldn't keep them in stock, it was the most loved, viewed, asked for, celebrity used, you-name-it IT bag when it launched in 2015. Wild looking back to think it's been this long since our first-ever confetti mix launched.

Today, we have four collections that launch on our site each year all in different confetti mixes. We of course too have items not in confetti, but we'd be lying if we said the confetti items weren't the most adored and now represent such a huge piece of who Packed Party is.

Confetti signifies fun. Confetti allows for imperfections in its different sizes and shapes and confetti most importantly brings lots of color which is such a key element in living a brightly colored life. You see, any day can turn itself into a party if you want it to be. It can be as simple as carrying a confetti packed bag, or adding a few sprinkles to your otherwise boring morning toast.

How do we come up with these special confetti mixes you see on our site? There have been over a dozen now throughout the years since we started. This is always the million dollar question! While we can't give you all the details; what we can tell you is it's a long process of trial and error, mixing and matching, and tying it all back to a story or theme. Take for instance our Bread-N-Butter Collection - we knew the general color palette we wanted to go with, but as we started piecing colors and shapes together it more and more became apparent the confetti gave the perfect nod to jams, jellies, and toast.

If you've made it this far consider yourself now an expert on all things Packed Party confetti and why it's here to stay! We can't wait to see which pieces are your favorites from past collections, current ones, and even ones launching soon on our site. 

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