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Top Three Things We Wish We Knew When Graduating


Graduation is just around the corner! Whether it's high school or college there's a few things us Party Girls wished we had known looking back in time at the hustle and bustle around graduation day. Here are three things we wished we had known during this time, Party Girl:


1) You Don't Have To Have It All Figured Out. No, really! You don't. Life reminder - No one expects you to have your life figured out at 18 or 21 years old! Take a deep breath and say this three times to yourself or a friend who's feeling the "what am I going to do with my life now" heat. Knowing what you enjoy doing means knowing yourself and knowing yourself leads to having things way more figured out than most people do, beb. The right things happen to people who take chances and capitalize on opportunities put in front of them. The good is coming if you put yourself in a situation to find it!

2) Write Down Your Top Three Passions. Do this immediately on whatever piece of scrap paper or loose receipt that's in your car. Whatever you're most passionate about is what you'll work the hardest doing so nail down these and go from there. Don't panic either if the three don't seem to go together. You can be passionate about tacos, helping others, and dogs...there is a career you can create that will include all three if you're passionate enough.

3) Travel One Place You've Never Been Alone. There's something special about the unknown and challenging yourself. Soak up this new chapter or transition into a new phase with a solo day trip or weekend somewhere. Bonus points if it's somewhere you have absolutely never been and if you feel uncomfortable reading this or more importantly actually doing this trust us, that's where all the magic happens. DO IT!

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