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Confetti In Her Hair

We’re often asked what a “Party Girl” is, or how other women can become Party Girls. The best thing about being a PG though, is that it isn’t an exclusive club - everyone’s invited and anyone can be one! From girls who are just starting their freshman year of college, to the ones embarking on a post-college journey in a new city, or hey, even moms, we all have a little confetti inside us. The most important thing? Finding that sparkle and radiating it - always and everywhere you go.

Think of all the different people you come across in a single day. Who are the ones you remember the most? The ones who brighten the room the second they step in. Whether it be the way she carries herself, or the little things she does for others, you notice her kindness. That’s truly what it takes to be a care-free Party Girl; you’re the one who brings a little extra party in your step wherever you go. Here at Packed Party HQ, bringing a little “party” in our bag means choosing happiness. Not only do we pick positivity, but we make a conscious decision to spread it as well each day.

When you decide to be the girl with confetti in your hair (imaginary or not, your choice Beb), it’s inevitable that you’ll attract that awesome energy back. Whatever aspect of your life it might be (relationships, friendships, or work), you only take out what you put in. If you’re exuding negativity, people will reflect that back on you! That’s why it’s so important to us to always opt for positivity every chance we get. We want to put out as much good as we take in.

This past summer, a few members of our team made their way over the bay to an Oakland street fair. While there, they had the opportunity of participating in Radiant Human, a booth that photographs the colors of your aura and explains their meaning. One of our girls radiated orange, a color expressing optimism, enthusiasm, generosity and open-mindedness. Kinda crazy how perfectly that describes what it means to be a PG, right!? Of course we were hoping for some glittery aura, but hey, we can’t be too picky. Our experience with Radiant Human just goes to show how crucial it is to be conscious of the energy you’re putting out - because it really shows!

Starting today try and make an effort to pack a little party in your bag wherever you go especially this month of November when giving is such a thing. We promise, spreading the confetti is as fun for you as it is everyone else who encounters you! Radiating positivity in everything you do pays off Party Girl. Because what’s better than being the girl who lights up the room? Na-da.

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