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What To Do With 100K New Friends


If you follow us on Instagram you might have noticed we were celebrating 100K of you last week! Yep, a 100K of you are officially following us on Instagram so I thought it was only appropriate to say 1) holycowthankyousomuch and 2) What exactly are my team and I going to do with 100K new friends? That's a lot of Party People!


I am someone who has trouble keeping up with the 5 friends in my most inner circle sometimes, so the idea of 100K people knowing this crazy idea I had in the middle of the night back in 2013 had my jaw in my lap staring at my phone last week. I mean, 100K people don't even fit inside the University Of Texas's football stadium (if you haven't been just remember everything is bigger in Texas) so that's a lot of people! More importantly a lot of people who too like me and my team want to make their lives a party with unique and fun products that spread positivity, bring a smile with their "different" experiential approach, and cultivate kindness when they're given. That's pretty powerful stuff.


Packed Party is built on the foundation of two things, my (new and old) friends: Confidence and Kindness. You have to be confident enough to pick yourself up when you fall and say, okay, I am not a victim of my circumstance I can change my day or my life and make this thing a party. I turned my Pity Party in San Francisco one night into Packed Party and here we are today, aren't we? No one can stop you once you're confident enough to view life as a party and treat it as such. Yep, that means cake for breakfast or celebrating the small things like a half birthday. Kindness too is equally as important when it comes our brand. You've got to be kind enough to celebrate someone else and share the fun that's Packed Party with them. A party for one is pretty great, but there's no stopping a party for two! That's the joy of gift giving isn't it? Spreading kindness through our products is what we aim to do here. Everything we design and create was made to bring a smile to whomever you're giving it to. If it doesn't do that, well, there's a 99% chance we didn't make it. We bring the joy here.


So now that I've recovered the foundation that started quite literally from the bottom this party, I should probably share what myself and our team plan to do from here. With so many new faces come new opportunities for new ways to party aka new products, new team members to assist so many of you, and more places to party. More is the theme around here. Ever had a hot fudge sundae with no cherry? Yeah, it's pretty lame. We're extra whip and extra extra cherries people around here so expect lots more coming your way to suite over 100K of you.


Speaking of 100K of you, if you haven't ever seen our first-ever Instagram post take a peek at it below! How about that filter, y'all? I also have a few other fun moments like the time Kathie Lee and Hoda followed us, Reese Witherspoon collaborated with us, or the day I signed the lease on our first office all on our Instagram page we call home. Don't worry, we won't stop sharing all these fun moments that have happened along our journey. Things are far from over here party people, in fact in a lot of ways we're just getting started but with a slightly larger audience than before and I'm more than here for it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! All 100K of you new Instagram friends for choosing to follow myself and our team on this confetti-filled journey that is Packed Party. Hold on tight, there's a lot of fun ahead and I promise not to disappoint you. I'm designing products for you because I am you.





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