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Fun Graduation Party & Gift Ideas

Graduation Party and GIft Ideas

Grab your cap, grab your gown - graduation is going down! You did it girl (or your kid did)! Either way, a big congrats is in order. Graduation is one of our fave reasons to party and not just because the weather is perfect this time of year. Graduation signifies that first entry point into the real world, a chance to stop and look at all someone has accomplished and remember all that’s on the horizon too!

Whether you are off to college or getting ready to start your first job - a graduation party is the best way to kick off the next phase of your life and we want this day (who are we kidding, this party) to be per-fec-tion.

Here’s a few easy graduation party ideas sure to make a serious splash this year:

1. Say cheese! No party is complete without a kick-ass photo op and we’ve got you covered indoors and out. Use this balloon garland that you can easily put together in 10-15 minutes by yourself or with a friend. This easy to assemble garland will allow guests the perfect spot to shoot a photo.

Balloon Garland and Party Setup by Packed Party

2. Now, it’s no secret that we looove confetti around here. I mean check this out. In the spirit of sparkle, we think this pack would be an adorable addition to any soiree you’re planning. Make confetti cones with this pack to literally “shower” your fave grad. All you need is grad-themed paper, a pack or two of confetti and double-sided tape. Roll the paper into a cone, stuff ‘em with confetti - and boom! You’ve got a picture perfect moment all your guest will remember forever.

 3. Graduation makes us all a tad bit sentimental and that’s okay (it’s your party, you can cry if you want to)! But before you get too weepy-eyed, we’ve got a fun idea to bring a little laughter to the party, too. This idea works best for a joint graduation party (another thing we HIGHLY recommend - the more the merrier, right?). Have all of your friends gather their favorite, funniest, most outrageous photos and display them all on a “wall of fame” or in a silly slideshow that highlights all of the crazy fun you and your best girls have had on this journey! We love a nostalgic moment and this is the perfect way to get everyone in on the fun.

While we’re on the topic of sentiment - this is a thoughtful gift for any grad too. If you’re graduating college you can get it for your housemates to commemorate the years you lived together because duh, those apartment years are SPECIAL.

4. Last but not least, SNACKS! You can’t party all day without something both cute and delicious to nibble on. We’re OBSESSED with these personalized cookies you can have come in people’s faces, numbers, words, you-name-it. Talk about sweet!

No matter what way you choose to celebrate - we know you have accomplished a HUGE thing and we are SO proud of you for making it happen! Now go out and take the world by storm - she’s yours for the taking. You’ve got this, Party Girl!

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