How To Make The Perfect Holiday Cookies
Looking for an easy and fun way to get on Santa’s nice list this year? Make him his very own cookie markers with this Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set that spell out his name so he knows you made 'em just for him! Hi all, I’m Lindsey: an amateur baker ...
I've never been great with secrets. Little and personal secrets, sure, yes, but big secrets like surprise parties, gifts, and new products have always killed me not to share. This being said, I've been keeping a major secret from all of you. Sor...
Firework-Worthy Cheeseboard Tips For The 4th
We don't know about you, but we're feeling all kindsa 4th ready over here. Something about the heat mixed in with the slow trickle of OOO emails has us feeling quite literally like fireworks. We'd be lying though if we said it was only our frien...
Why Clear Bags Are Having A Moment

If you're anywhere on Instagram you've seen and are very aware that clear bags are having a MO-MENT right now. Only a year ago were these now coveted bags only sported come fall and gamedays, but we should point out Party Girls...we knew first. 

10 Things We Learned From Mom

Mom knows best, y'all! No, really. Mom's always have your back, and the answer you're probably looking (or not looking) for.

5 Things To Do For Cinco

May is juuust around the corner this week (insert it's gonna be May gif) so we thought it'd only be appropriate to share the top five things we reco doing for Cinco De Mayo wherever you are! Any reason to party, right? Here's how to get to it below:

Shake Things Up: Our Fave Spring Cocktail Recipe

Being based in Austin our weather's too warm most of the year not to have a go-to drink.

Top Three Things We Wish We Knew When Graduating
  Graduation is just around the corner! Whether it's high school or college there's a few things us Party Girls wished we had known looking back in time at the hustle and bustle around graduation day. Here are three things we wished we had known ...
What To Do With 100K New Friends

If you follow us on Instagram you might have noticed we were celebrating 100K of you last week!

How-To Throw The Best (Easy) Brunch

Brunch is a food group we very much are behind and believe in here. The mix of salt, sweet, and timing of it all make for something magical we can all agree. With Spring in full swing and Easter around the corner what better time than to discuss j...

Guide to the Best Austin Bachelorette
. Being the queens of all things fun and party we're no strangers to the question of "WHAT do my friends and I do for a bachelorette party in your city?". Alas, we're here and fully loaded with answers for all your Austin, TX bachelorette questio...
That Desk Though
Work can be the pits! Between the harsh lighting in most places, bad snacks (went there), and at times boring environment sometimes you just gotta find ways to spice it up. No, we're not suggesting you bust out in full dance mode at your desk, b...
5 Things To Carry Into Spring
Spring's just around the corner, Party Girls! I know, I know, it may not totally feel like Spring with chilly temps, but this year we're taking the whole Spring thing on as a mindset too. No better time for fresh starts than with fresh air, sun...